Wednesday, May 28, 2014



Now if you love fragrances and smelling good, you would probably know that Jo Malone has got to be one of the best if not the very best.

.... and you would also know that they cost A BOMB. 

Despite how every sniffle sparks every fibre of your being into making jolly dances and prances, the price is still to a factor to doubt your consideration.

Depending on availability and time, we MAY just be able to grab these babies at a lower price! okay, not that much lower since it is highly sought after anyway, but we promise to try our best to hunt these babies down at the best price possible in its hometown.

Price range for 30ml is expected to be RM 180 - RM 220

for 100 ml, RM 350 - RM 450

ETA: End of July


30 ML

RM 210

30 ML
RM 220


We're glad to announce that during this summer, we will be taking orders for fragrances and will bring them back directly from the UK! 100% ORIGINAL & from a service supplier on an online platform with 100% customer satisfaction!


JUICY COUTURE has got to be one of the trendiest, young and fun brand names in the market! Not forgetting, the packaging for their fragrances are down right BEAUTIFUL. Grab your favourite scents today at a lower price. 
30 ML / 50 ML
Notes/Accords:  floral, green, fruity, aromatic, white floral, citrus

 RM 150 / RM 190

Couture Couture Juicy Couture for women
COUTURE COUTURE by Juicy Couture
 30 ML
Notes/Accords: white floral, sweet, fruity, citrus, vanilla

 RM 190

40 ML
Notes/Accords: white floral, fruity, sweet, caramel, vanilla

 RM 190

Couture La La 1.7 oz EDP
Juicy Couture Couture La La EDP
30 ML
Description: a fruity floral that captures the essence of femininity and the daring allure of the unexpected. Bright sparkling fruits blend with water hyacinth and bold white florals revealing a luminous bouquet of waterlilly and muguet

RM 200



ETA: Mid-End of July 2014



Sunday, April 6, 2014

Forever 21 Glitter Oxfords

Picture adapted from Pretentious Pink

Size 41 but fits more of a 39-40

bought these almost a year ago without trying them on. big mistake.

Cutting is really small and have been put aside and forgotten (till i just found them again!)

Grab these at a steal price of RM 40!


JJ Winters Inspired Fringe bag


2 years + old but NEW AND UNUSED!

Please e-mail for real photos as I only have them in my phone!

RM 30 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Red Earth Eyeshadow

Red Earth Mono Eyeshadow 

RM 15 !


Hello guys,

We just experienced a bad transaction and we'd like to point out to read all of our descriptions avidly as well as policy. Never make a purchase abruptly without asking all the questions that you need (sidebar) so you would know what to expect.

We had to deal with a buyer today who wanted a refund from getting something that was not what she expected.

Firstly, we stand by our items and we always describe them as best as we can. Ask any questions and we (there are three of us running this blog) all will answer them in true honesty. Read everything and expect what you read.

The buyer we had to endure with today was rude, impulsive and appalling. Threatening us with making police reports and having a "lawyer father". We tried to rationalize and stick to our policy as politely but stern as we could, whilst this buyer was using vulgarity and making endless accusations. If we had something to hide at all, we would have refunded her fully to keep her quiet (or whatever she wants to do) but we strongly abide to our words and actions. If we were to refund her fully, that would mean we were admitting our mistake. Why should we adhere to her demands? Had she read our policy and description properly, had she asked us questions which answers would have affected her decision, this would not have happened. We're not running a retail company here.

Past buyers / inquirers would know that we answer all your questions as effectively and truthfully as we can.

Anyway, we have indeed been affected with what happened today and were all "chaotic" with trying to keep up with all that this buyer was saying to us. At the end of the day, we are all buyers and have junk in the trunk (lol?) and our clearouts will go on. As all three of us could access our accounts, you could just imagine how difficult it was to keep up with that one buyer as we were also retaliating as "one entity".

We are, however, sorry that such a misunderstanding has happened but will no longer endure anything like this as we have done our parts and we would just like to urge everyone out there to look carefully into what you're buying - ask questions and whatever it is that you need.

We were threatened to have our name "dirtied" and reported to Shopping Roll and whatsoever. But we stand by our words. And it is unfortunate that we always take down items that have been sold (there is no point in uploading that item again, as even we admit - that if we were to revert the post we could add anything to it.) and we currently just have our integrity to stick to.

We are not running a business here, we are simply ordinary women trying to clear out our closets. We have proper day jobs and do not intend to even start an online-shopping business. We simply want to clear out and we have no reason to commit any wrongdoings as as a seller. The only thing we regret is to have replied her over and over again, standing up for ourselves and our policy - but to no avail. Initially she asked for a 50% refund as half of it is "our fault". But how was it our fault at all again? At times we let our anger get the better of ourselves but of course, as educated people, we never let our manners get out of the way. We have since stopped all communications with her.

This particular buyer is still harassing us after we have issued a partial refund (which is already in contrary of our policy) and we are just going to continue to close an eye on her. We will not be foolish in tainting her name on media as how we expect she is to do to us.

For all blogshop owners who might be wary, you can just e-mail us.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


1. RM 30 - fits UK 8-12

2. RM 20 - fits UK 8-12

3. RM 20 - fits UK 8-12

4. RM 15 - fits UK 10-14

5. RM 20 - fits UK 10-12

6. RM 10 - UK 8-12

7. RM 10 - UK 8-12

8. RM 15 - UK 10-12

9. RM 30 - UK 8-12

10. RM 20 - UK 10-14

11. RM 40 - UK 10-12

12. RM 15 - UK 10-12

13. RM 20 - size M (UK 10-12)

14. RM 30 - UK 8-12

15. RM 20 - UK 10-12

16. RM 20 - M

17. RM 20 - UK  8-12

18. RM 30 - UK 10-14

EMAIL for more inquiries.


Saturday, December 28, 2013

DIY Studs

Due to few requests, we have brought back our studs!

Feel free to drop us an inquiry regarding any types of the studs above (pyramid/spike/skull)!

Price ranges from as low as RM 10 - RM 30

Friday, December 27, 2013

Topshop Lightweight Parka


TOPSHOP Moto Parka (Khaki)

very lightweight. feels more of a raincoat material

 Never worn as had no usage for it. 
Bought over from another seller who claims it was never worn either
UK10 but fits various sizes as its design is oversized
Originally RM250++ 
RM50 only!


Amazing price, you won't find this anywhere else!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Updates 23 Dec

Fits UK8-12
RM 20


H&M Super Slim Trousers! BNWT

Brilliant pants, bought from UK but unfortunately does not fit me :'(
Tagged US6 (UK 10) but runs small. (Im usually a big 10)
Best fit UK8
Originally GBP19.99

Selling at RM40 only!


TOPSHOP MOTO High-waisted Spiked /Studded Denim Shorts

Waist 30"

Never worn this myself, but had lent this to a friend and she has worn it once.
 Best fit UK10


Saturday, September 14, 2013